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Sandeep Singh Rawat

Sandeep Singh Rawat

Resume – Sandeep Singh Rawat


Sandeep Singh Rawat




Development opportunities within a team to apply my learned skills into developing highly robust and scalable  applications.



Extremely motivated, versatile and innovative software professional with 5 years of enterprise product design and development experience. Ranked among top 20% in Microsoft for contribution in shipping first version of Duet under very tight deadlines. Always committed to excellence and ready to work in a challenging environment.

Professional skills


  • 5 years’ experience designing and developing application on.Net platform
  • Experienced in using .Net technologies such as C#, ASP.Net, .Net Remoting, Reflection, Web Services, XML/XSL/XSLT, Web Services
  • Experience in Microsoft Exchange Server technologies (using WebDav, MAPI Exchange Web Services and Microsoft Outlook object model)
  • Experienced in developing Setup and MSI project using Wix and C++/VBScript custom actions
  • Extensive involvement in many stages of application development life cycle including requirements, logical and physical architecture modeling, design, development, implementation, and support.
  • Experienced with OOP, design patterns, agile environment, Win Forms UI design understanding and experience
  • Experience creating software design specification documents
  • Experienced in working with Product support team and partner teams (internal and external partners) to determine requirements and gather customer feedback.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills


  Software Design Engineer 2005-Present
Microsoft, India

  • As a part of development team, have worked towards successfully shipping two versions of “Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP” and Duet Enterprise for Microsoft Office SharePoint and SAP
  • As a member of sustained engineering team for Duet, handled customer issues professionally and released multiple service packs and hot fixes.
  • Developed Request handler (middle tier proxy to communicate between SAP item handler and Microsoft Exchange server) server for Duet, client metadata based cache component, client deployment and client support tools.
  • Also worked on writing Duet client and server installer package using Windows Installer Xml (Wix) and C++
  • Advocated team wide spread of new technologies (e.g. PowerShell) and test/development methodologies (e.g. BVT integration in the build system)
Software Development Engineer 2004-2005
Quark, India

  • Worked on complete product life cycle of Quark Review Manager 3.0.1 & 3.5 and successfully released them.
  • Responsibilities included designing and developing various features and writing unit tests.
  • Coordinated with testers for performance analysis and deployment process.


  Duet Enterprise for Microsoft Office SharePoint and SAP 2009-Present
  Environment: Windows XP/Vista/Win7, Microsoft SharePoint 2010Technology used: C# 3.5, ASP.Net Web Services, VSTO, BDC object modelTools used: Visual Studio 2005/2008, SharePoint designerDuet Enterprise is a joint platform (and set of applications) jointly developed by Microsoft and SAP, which integrates SAP Enterprise business processes and data with SharePoint server. Information worker can readily access all mission critical business information on a single endpoint (e.g. Reporting, Sales activities …). Platform is designed to be extensible for ISV and partners companies to develop custom solution on top of existing platform.Responsibilities

  • Worked on extending support for business item synchronization with exchange mailbox. Designed a solution for multiple source synchronization problems, resulted due to multiple data masters in the scenarios (SAP backend and Exchange Mailbox).
  • Owned security Meta role for the product. Reviewed and helped product feature crews to develop their design documents, data flow diagram and security threat models.
  Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP (1.0 & 1.5) 2005-Present
Environment: Windows XP/Vista/Win7Technology used: C# 2.0/3.5, MAPI, Outlook Object Model, Web Services, VSTO, VBScript, SQL 2005Tools used: Visual Studio 2005/2008Duet (www.duet.com) previously known as Mendocino, is a software solution developed jointly by Microsoft and SAP, which enables users (Information workers) to easily and quickly interact with SAP business processes and data via a familiar Microsoft Office environment (e.g. Outlook). Users can use their Outlook calendar/mailbox/contact to access the information otherwise accessible only via SAP portal.Responsibilities

  • Worked on the multiple product life cycles (2 Major version, 5 service packs till date and many hot fixes) and contributed in successful release of the product.
  • Worked with product support team and dealt with external customer to resolve field issues on urgent basis. Helped successful deployment of product in Philips /ARC/SAP IT
  • Worked with partners to gather product requirements and proposed design changes for critical issues.
  • Completely owned client deployment, which included preparing Exchange Mailbox for use (creating a special hidden folder with hidden attributes and attachments) with Duet. Used Outlook Object Model and MAPI to implement the feature.
  • Designing and implementing Request Handler (Middle-tier proxy) for Duet. Proxy is used for sending product specific control message (special class of mail items that are processed in the outlook client to create business items in the Mail Store). Used ASP.Net web service, Exchange WebDav (in 1.0) and Exchange Web Service in the implementation. Enabled support for forms based authentication, Windows authentication and basic authentication in the request handler.
  • Implementation of Client Caching component for Duet.
  • Developed client and server installer for the product using Windows Installer XML and native/scripted custom actions. Added support for Windows Vista (UAC) and Windows Server 2008 which required adding custom action based support for IIS7 and dealing with restricted account privileges.
  • Implemented client support tools to help with the problem diagnosis with the help of log files.
  • Delivered managed exception handling guideline to SAP partner team and helped them integrate it in their code.
  • Also helped partner teams ramp-up on debugging managed code and analyzing crash dumps.
  • Unit test/performance/debugging/security is all part of day to day work.
  • Ported the client to support latest version of Office (Office 2010).


Quark Review Manager 3.0.1/3.5 2004-2005
Environment: Windows XP/2003 Server, MAC OS XTechnology used: C# (.Net Framework 1.1), Java 1.4, Objective-C, ADORB/VC++Tools used: DevPartner Studio 7.2, Ethereal, NUnit, Win-CVS/CVS 1.12Quark Review Manager is a product to enable corporate publishers such as marketing departments of top fortune customers and bigger advertisement and production agencies to streamline their workflows and enhance their proofing cyclesMain Responsibilities included

  • Feature design and implementation
  • Porting of Quark Review Manager to Mac OS X 10.3.
  • Unit testing and performance analysis.
  • Low level debugging using Packet capturing tools.



  GB Pant Engineering College 2000-2004
Uttarakhand, India

  • B.E., Computer Science and Engineering



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