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Posted by सन्दीप on दिसम्बर 19, 2010

I’m working on a new filmy site called Film-Fare.com. My aim is to provide users with latest Bollywood news, gossips, celebrity pictures and stuff like that. Right now I’ve opened the FilmFare blog for editing. Not sure when the main site will be up for serving. If someone wants to give a hand building this site, you are more than welcomed.

I need content-provider and editors for the site.
FilmFare – www.film-fare.com
Filmy Blog – http://blog.film-fare.com

As a future plan, I also intend to add an online movie section where user will be able to watch movies online, listen to online radio and have a fun time on the site.

Let me know if you have any input on how can I pursue the mentioned goal. If you have any valuable feed to give, don’t hesitate. You can send me an email at admin@anyofmysite.com (you know it’s not the correct address right, but you should be able to guess the correct  one yourself, or leave a message on this post).

As an another note, there doesn’t seem to be a webring for indian bloggers where bloggers can create a web network and share their traffic and redirect to other similar blogs. This could help people building traffic on their website and also giving users an opportunity to find the right content. I plan to build a ring network too but then again time is a constraint. Given some free time in hand I’ll give it a serious note.

To end the post in a different note, let me share a video about Sonia’s alleged Russian connection

Sonia’s KGB connection

Do watch the second part as well.

Disclaimer – I don’t necessarily share the views of the speaker

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