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Flip it (Orkut Tips n Tricks)

Posted by सन्दीप on जुलाई 6, 2007

Download Orkut Reverse String

Hey Guys,

While going through the Digg I came across this webpage http://www.revfad.com/flip.html .
This flips your character string and rotate it I dont know by how many degree. Just give it a try.

I just thought of using its javascript for posting comments into the Orkut communities. So here is my first GreaseMonkey script which will flip your typed sentence into any orkut community.
You must have GreaseMonkey installed on your FF browser to run this script. I used flock to test it though.


  • I only tested it with the Orkut communities. With little modification into the JS it can be used somewhere else also.
  • Please read any javascript code before executing it. This may harm your computer.



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